Friday, October 3, 2008

i'm stuck.. no, not that kind of stuck

i think i'm on a plateau. no, strike that. 

i'm definitely on a plateau. 

i've weighed the same for something like six weeks now. maybe more.. i'm not sure. here's what i do know: i don't eat right. i don't exercise enough. i am also worked to the bone and exhausted all the time. not healthy.

i work a full day at the law firm and then a full night at law school. i don't get home until 10:15, 10:30. at that point i'm starving! for the past few weeks it's been so easy to just throw some cheese on some tostitos and make nachos. in one minute, dinner is served. and it's delicious. and it goes down really, really easily. and i can eat a lot of it. bad bad bad!!! 

i did buy a bunch of lean cuisines. my goal is to eat those when i come home for less than 300 calories.. instead of god-knows-how-many calories in a big plate of cheesey nachos. oh but with my favorite salsa... stop it!! stop it!! step away from the nachos..

and another vice of mine, due to the impending holiday: candy corn. 

OMG! a coworker put out a dish and i thought, "it's been so very long... i wonder how they will go down..." well, they went down too well.. i have since purchased and consumed several bags.. on my own. no sharing.

in happier news, last week my gym buddy and i did the gym thing (weight machines, arms/legs, elliptical, rowing, bike) and we even got in the pool! i swam - wait for it - eight laps. i've never swam laps before. i didn't even know how to do the freestyle. i thought that was called a breaststroke. silly uneducated me. it was really, really hard. you're working really hard so you're breathing hard, yet your face is in the water so it's hard to breathe. very challenging. if it weren't for the incredibly massive amounts of chlorine in my complex's indoor pool (along with the ever-present swim school and onlooking parents), I'd be in the pool a couple times a week.

i go to the surgeon next week. hope for a fill.