Friday, May 1, 2009


i'm done. 

gurgly gurgly

couple bites of a lean cuisine (why, roasted turkey breast with mashed and gravy, thanks for askin!)  and i'm a gurgly mess.

gurgle gurgle. should i quit now.. i'm not technically hungry anymore. just uncomfortable. gurgle, gurgle.

weighed in this am

and i've been exactly - to the tenth - the same weight for three days now. odd. i'm usually always up/down. oh, and how fabulous is this: i have finals this week and next and i got my period (RIGHT ON TIME!) yesterday. fab. u. lous.

had an easier time eating last night. able to eat almost a cup of turkey taco meat, a handful of chips, and a few cups of popcorn. hope the tightness isn't loosening up :(