Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and voms AGAIN!

came home from school, wired as all hell (probably had something to do
with that huge iced skim latte, no?) and had 1/3 pint of haagen-dazs
(ohyeah), a few pieces of popcorn, then a few teaspoons of turkey taco
meat and cheese with MAYBE four tostitos scoops (they're small). and
i'm vommin. oy.


no more gulping for me. 2nd time today i got stuck on liquids!!!


made my usual.. heart of romaine, almost a full piece of chicken breast, cukes, ranch. 

and can't eat more than half! not even half! 


a case of the early morning voms


i'm exhausted this morning. things were going fairly well last night, my first post-fill food. our last seminar class had pizza and soda. i ate a half a slice of pizza. very, very slowly. it was pretty cold. but i took minuscule bites and chewed to the death. no problem! 

when i got home i was still "hungry" - as in, i'm not sure i was physically hungry but i had the munchies. i ate some popcorn. ate about a third of what i can usually polish off and felt full, then started sliming. great! no voms tho. it passed. much later, i heated up some turkey taco meat and cheese and ate about 2/3 cup of that (guesstimate) with a few chips and some salsa. i felt really full after that. like, woah. 

had some crystal light and went to bed, still feeling really full - to the point of bursting. 

this morning, i still felt tight, and didn't feel any hunger pangs like i've been feeling in the morning sometimes (especially after a late dinner the night before, as is the case 5 days a week). had my shower, groggily took my three medicines (all liquids, each about a half a shot or a teaspoon). 

then, did something [apparently] stupid; i gulped down a healthy-sized swig of crystal light. room temperature, if you're wondering. pretty soon after, i'd say within a minute or so, as i'm gathering my things to leave for work, i feel it. reallyfullomgstuck. stuck. on effing crystal light. stuck! i move around a little. maybe i've trapped some air/gas since i gulped (although up until this fill never had an issue gulping liquids). i tried to burp, but i got that horrible feeling: i can bring up a burp halfway up my chest but then it gets trapped. AGONY.

then i started sliming. again, on EFFING CRYSTAL LIGHT. i had no choice but to keep going to work. i spit a couple times before getting in the car (soooo gross and unladylike, but i was DYING). grabbed a bag i had just put in my trunk (thank god! side note: i have a loaner car this week b/c my car is in the shop for some transmission work. all my stuff is in my car, including such lifesavers as (though not for vom purposes but still handy) plastic grocery bags, napkins, baby wipes, etc). i barely coughed into the bag and a ton of liquid came up (really no effort involved). i threw up twice more on my way to work (while driving. i am so talented). and once again in the parking garage. the bag was fairly heavy, in my opinion. i'd say at least a cup or so. gross and TMI, i know. 

i'm at work now and i feel 10000% better. i may even drink a protein shake in a bit. i probably threw up all my meds though. AWESOME! happy wednesday, world...