Monday, October 14, 2013

here we go, here we go, here we go again

Also known as "that time I got a revision.. I mean, that second time."

This morning I weighed in at 291.4lbs.  I don't weigh myself often anymore.  But today, I started a liquid diet to prepare for Friday's surgery.  I'm getting another revision.

Last April I was sleeved.  The first 8 months were great.  I lost about 70lbs and felt fantastic.  Then around the new year I stopped losing weight.  I saw my surgeon in the spring and, many tests later, found out I have a couple of problems going on.

First, my sleeve isn't quite a sleeve.  The sleeve is supposed to make your stomach into a long, thin tube, but mine hasn't retained that shape the surgeon created last year.  Apparently, the lap band I had 5 years ago permanently altered the structure of my stomach, so it's not able to retain shape.  Thanks to these wonky little pockets my stomach now has, it's bigger than it should be.  Hence the stoppage of weight loss.

My second issue is a hiatal hernia.  It surprised the gastrointestinal doctor, too, because those typically appear in patients who are much more overweight than I am now (and was).  At almost 100lbs less than I used to weigh, he said he would have expected a hernia in me at that point, but not now.  It doesn't really matter, though, because it can be fixed.

I'm doing my part, though.  A couple of months ago I joined the gym in town and actually enjoy my time there.  My only limitation right now is lifting (nothing more than 20lbs, which I accidentally exceeded by about 20lbs when I tried lifting my gazelle-like friend the other night.. sorry, C).

Anyway, this Friday is revision day.  My surgeon will attempt to revise my sleeve (all of that depends on how much scar tissue is there - probably a lot, given what he had to 'clean out' when he took out my lap band), fix the hernia by making an anchor of some sort, and possibly do a gastric bypass.

I have about 120lbs left to lose.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Lots going on.

I'm hovering at around 290.  I had a come-to-Jesus with a nutritionist.  I've joined a gym.  I have a hiatal hernia and a dilated fundus.  And tonight I went to a support group.

Gotta get this shit done already.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


ok so a few things.

I've gained 9 pounds. I weigh 282.

I feel horrible. Like, "I weigh 385 again" horrible.

I've had a lot of life changes recently: I'm living on my own again. New job. Quit smoking 2 weeks ago.

Also: no health ins for a little while. Haven't seen my surgeon in several months. Last time I saw him he was less than thrilled with my stall. Lack of time to go see him and now, no insurance, means I am not seeing him for another month or so. But I did make the appointment.

Things to think about..

-don't replace cigarettes with coke (coca-cola, fools). or food.
-take advantage of the cute new town you live in and walk around it. with your feet.
-drink more water
-take your vitamins. you need them. you're looking scary, babe. and yer hair falls out. not kewt.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Food. Weight. Gym.

Wish it was gym, tan, laundry.

Made chicken fajitas (no tortilla). In the oven. Good stuff.

Weighed in yesterday at 273. Joined a gym 3 weeks ago with a living social deal. I've been once due to my ridiculous work schedule and unyielding gym hours for the quasi members on living social deals. Do you koko?