Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i'm really trying this whole working-out thing. really. on saturday (of all days, the blessed, sacred saturday!) i worked out for a half hour (a lot for me, thankyouverymuch). i did 25 mins on the treadmill at a brisk walk and then 5 minutes with my new weights. i got two 8lb weights because i noticed my upper arms are looking.. well. awful. i lost my first 30 or so lbs in my upper chest (i.e. boobs, shoulders - so all my shirts show my bra straps. lovely). my arms have sagging skin already and that freaks me out.

i took sunday off, workout-wise. monday i did 20 minutes at a brisk pace, 5 mins at a jog. yes i said jog. i nearly died, but i did it.

today i was going to do 15 minutes but i overslept. it's not easy getting in at 10:15 at night, wired and tired at the same time, only to get up a couple hours later and do it all again.

right now my biggest problem is the giant-sized bag of reeses mini pb cups that our admin brought in. she always stocks our kitchen cupboards with costco treats. i hate that i love reeses pb cups. i hate them even more that they don't get stuck.

speaking of getting stuck...
saturday night i was eating dinner (grilled chicken on the bone and steamed broccoli - i know, healthy, right? it was good) and it was going fine.. until. dum-dum-dum. STUCK! oh yes. i think i failed to chew properly and got some chicken stuck. so i walked around a little, no help. i went into the kitchen and leaned over the sink, hoping the pressure from the counter will, erm, help me cough up my problem. and so i am leaning over the sink, coughing and hacking (pbing, or productive burping in bandspeak, is not a typical 'vomit'), trying to get the offending poultry out. i'm sliming like crazy (extreme salivation) and my eyes are watering and it flippin HURTS! i'm spitting up all this slime and my nose starts running..

out of my nose came some broccoli :)


Thursday, September 4, 2008

yay 4th fill!

i got my 4th fill today. i have a Realize band that holds 9ccs of fluid and until this morning i had 4.5 ccs after three fills. my concern was the size of my meals.. i could eat a whole piece of chicken and whatever sides like roasted potatoes or veggies and sometimes even a little salad. not good for bandland. so i requested and received another fill.

i took issue, however, with the fact that i didn't see my surgeon once during my appointment this morning! he was there - i saw him in the hallway. but, he didn't do my exam, my fill, or even stop by to check in on me and my progress. a new (to me) man who introduced himself as "edward" did my fill. now, edward had no white coat, and didn't introduce himself as "doctor" but he had a stethoscope... anyway, i was uneasy because i need a large needle, as opposed to a short one, for my fills since my port is underneath some scar tissue. edward told me he's a physician's assistant. i kept waiting for the surgeon to come in but i realized that this edward chap was going to do my fill! i tried to relax and think "if anything goes wrong, there are surgeons in this building if i need them." so, the fill went fairly smoothly - a little longer than i'd have liked, but no continuous poking and prodding. i saw edward take some fluid out before adding the new stuff so i know he hit the port in the right place. whew.

now my tummy is a little achy. not the band, but my actual tummy.. kind of like i got stabbed with a several-inch-long needle, i s'pose.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

so this is me... banded

i've been banded with Realize Adjustable Gastric Band for 3 months now. Yesterday I hit my first mini goal; I've lost 41 lbs. Hitting the -40lb mark was a huge milestone for me, as I've never been able to lose that much weight before.

i got stuck on some chicken at lunch today. i was eating too fast, i think. i also think i need a fill. i can eat way, waaay more than i should. i see the surgeon again tomorrow.