Sunday, May 3, 2009


I weighed in this morning..

323.0!! That's a 2.6 loss since yesterday. I've met my milestone of
60 and just zoomed right past it to -62lbs!

I'm thrilled, but worried a bit about this fill. There are so many
variables right now that are preventing me from running back to the
surgeon for a small un-fill. My period, stress over finals week, and
some weather issues all have me wound up. Plus this fill is new, and
all new fills are supertight in the beginning.

If I'm still throwing up as often as I am (almost every day) by the
end of the week, I'll call the doc.

But for now..

I'm gonna enjoy this high!


True Life: I'm Uncomfortable With My New Body

Wow. Just.. wow

Still watching it, but there's a 21-year-old boy that had Lap Band!
and they showed him getting an unfill and then a fill!

Lap Band! ON MTV!

We're mainstream, people!

oh, come ON

studying all day with my study buddy, here at my house. drank iced
coffee until after 2pm (wasn't hungry). ate about a half piece of
chicken (tiny pieces, slowly) and was fine.

around 7-ish we picked up sushi. i ate half a shrimp dumpling (the
thinnest wonton wrappers you'll ever see - practically no dough
whatsoever) and one small piece of spicy tuna roll. i was sick for

i kept going back and forth to the bathroom while my poor study buddy
patiently waited. she knows about my surgery, but it was horrible. i
started throwing up white foam after a while! crazy. if this continues
i may need a small unfill, but i'm not making any decisions about that
for a few more days, at least.

ate a little ice cream a few minutes ago. i feel better.