Thursday, November 13, 2008

this is why

this is why i have a love/hate relationship with life at a law firm:

free lunch. which automatically means free dessert.

don't get me wrong - this is so not everyday life. quite the contrary. but it is a nice treat when there's some kind of meeting or conference thingy happening in your floor's conference room. 
my new favorite breakfast is peanuts. they have protein in them, they're easy to eat, and they're yummy. i'm off the honey roasteds. too much like candy. i find that i may be a lil hungry in the am and not STARVING at noon like i used to be so that's good. i'm at 6.5 ccs now. holding steady at a loss of 45lbs. haven't exercised in a month. i know, i know. i'm just so busy with work and school and my sleep is really important to me. 

apparently my 'sleep apnea' might not be apnea at all, but due to my tonsil problems. they're coming out on dec. 23, thankfully. they're enormous and crater-y. they're gross.

i'm totally addicted to facebook. i could be on there all day. for some reason tho my blackberry isn't giving me fb alerts anymore.. i reinstalled the app but no such luck.. hmm...

gotta get some work done at work. ha.