Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sweet, sweet relief

school's over and i have been SO TIGHT. even without that stress. i saw the therapist today, who happened to be seeing patients at the surgery center (affiliated and all). i asked to get snuck in for a small un-fill. i had to see the PA instead of a real doc, but i thought an unfill was routine enough. i had 8.5 ccs and asked to take out 0.5 ccs (the amount of my last fill 4 weeks ago). i gained 0.2lbs. according to their scale today, i weighed 331.8 and last time i weighed 331.6. four weeks. 

i have another appt (my original next appt) in two weeks. here's hoping i lose some damn weight. i am going to be working out again now that school is over. starting tomorrow!