Thursday, June 20, 2013


ok so a few things.

I've gained 9 pounds. I weigh 282.

I feel horrible. Like, "I weigh 385 again" horrible.

I've had a lot of life changes recently: I'm living on my own again. New job. Quit smoking 2 weeks ago.

Also: no health ins for a little while. Haven't seen my surgeon in several months. Last time I saw him he was less than thrilled with my stall. Lack of time to go see him and now, no insurance, means I am not seeing him for another month or so. But I did make the appointment.

Things to think about..

-don't replace cigarettes with coke (coca-cola, fools). or food.
-take advantage of the cute new town you live in and walk around it. with your feet.
-drink more water
-take your vitamins. you need them. you're looking scary, babe. and yer hair falls out. not kewt.