Monday, April 27, 2009

aw MAN!

made farina. not as thin as i usually make it after a fill, but not as thick as the recipe calls for. ate about 2/3 cup and was full.. and then i was STUCK! on fairly-runny hot cereal! 

been vomming afterbirth-type junk for about a half hour now. i hope it ends soon and this doesn't (a) mean i'm too tight; (b) screw up my fill; (c) screw up my band b/c i'm vomming so soon after a fill.

le sigh. now i really need to finish this paper. it's due tomorrow and the citations are a friggin nightmare.


Now at 8.5cc. I lost 6lbs since I saw him 4 weeks ago. He is pleased.
I am not. But, with no exercise, I shouldn't complain. Right? I see
him again in six weeks. Longest followup time in a while. Nervous
about having half a cc away from the nine cc capacity. I have to stop
comparing my pace to a GB patient. I must. I chose the slow route for
a reason. Remember that.

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328.8 this morning for a loss of 2.8 since thurs/friday, can't remember which day i weighed. amazing. i've been eating j-u-n-k. consoling myself over rejection, PMS, and finals. really healthy. <sarcasm>

i see das WunderDoc today at 4:30. Hope to have a fill. Small fill.