Monday, April 27, 2009


Now at 8.5cc. I lost 6lbs since I saw him 4 weeks ago. He is pleased.
I am not. But, with no exercise, I shouldn't complain. Right? I see
him again in six weeks. Longest followup time in a while. Nervous
about having half a cc away from the nine cc capacity. I have to stop
comparing my pace to a GB patient. I must. I chose the slow route for
a reason. Remember that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm compiling a directory of Lap Band blogs. I like yours, direct, short and right to the point.

Is there an "About Me?" section and a picture on your blog? If so, please point me to it. From the PMS remark, I assume you are female.
Charles Downey

legally banded said...

Hi Charles,
Thanks for the compliments. The most "about me" is what you'll see at the top of my blog, which, in case you're viewing in an RSS reader, says "I'M A PARALEGAL DURING THE DAY, LAW STUDENT BY NIGHT. IN 2008 I HAD ADJUSTABLE GASTRIC BANDING (LAP-BAND) SURGERY. I'M CURRENTLY SLOGGING AWAY TO LOSE 55% OF MY WEIGHT, FROM 385 TO 175 LBS. THIS IS MY STORY."

I am female, mid-20's, American. I wish to remain as anonymous as possible so as to keep my inhibitions at bay. I hope you understand. That's why I didn't email you back :)