Tuesday, March 10, 2009

another fill, another vom

so i got a fill yesterday. i am at 7.5ccs again. doc says that since he had to unfill my band after "the episode," it may take more fill to get to the same level of restriction i was at before. i want to be at a lesser level, though, so i agreed to going back to 7.5ccs.

i think i am too tight :(

i had grilled chicken and lettuce at lunch today - no problems! i was full after two halves of a breast (so one small breast in total) and some lettuce. i wasn't hungry for hours, even though i really WANTED to eat. it was my first visit to a red robin and i resisted a chocolate milkshake. i wanted it so bad but i was good! 


i stopped at taco bell after class (did you know that the crunchy taco supreme has only 200 calories?). i ordered the spicy chicken burrito (without the tortilla it's not a completely unwise calorie choice) b/c i really wanted it.  i started eating it in the car, and i ate some of the tortilla (like two bites!) and got stuck. in the car. on my 20 minute drive home. i was able to throw up into a plastic shopping bag (i keep a few in the car for just such an emergency..) while i was driving. i amaze myself.

anyway. i thought it was over and wanted to eat the taco i'd ordered. when i got home i got through about half of it and got that stuck too. so i spent the next hour vommin' in the bathroom. awesome.

my fills usually loosen up after a few days. i'm supposed to go see the doc again in two weeks. here's hopin i can make it that long and that this loosens up! 

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GastricGirl said...

Wow, you poor thing! I didn't have lap band, but I can only imagine the discomfort!