Thursday, April 16, 2009

so much to do today! excited!

i'm a little hungry as i write this. i had a protein shake for bfast and just 20oz of water since. i'm gonna heat up a lean cuisine for lunch in a bit.

weighed today. i changed my setting in the daily plate to lose 5 lbs a week (even tho not realistic) and my new calorie intake is a little over 1300. i ate that or less the past couple of days and i've GAINED two pounds. i think this AM i was at 332.2 and then after my shower routine i weighed again.. 331.6... what gives?

i have been diligent about working on my salt intake. now i need to work on my fiber intake. it's PITIFUL! you're supposed to get 25gm/day. i think i had 6gm the other day. awful.

busy day. work, then therapy at 3 (woot). salon for nails and toes and tan (i know, bad. i'm quitting soon). beauty store, car wash, UPS store to ship eBay stuff. then class at school. then home to pack.

tomorrow i get my hair done and drive out to the hotel! and the coach outlet! and the rehearsal tomorrow. and wedding saturday. and my date. oh boy. 

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