Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I started taking Accutane today. My skin has become an oil slick in the past couple of years, and no creams or antibiotics have been able to tame it. I can literally touch my skin and see oil droplets. It's gross. Plus, my acne is not good. Sometimes I get cysts or nodules and they're so painful. I've tried just about every acne med on the market (yes, including Proactiv - and that made it WORSE!).

Accutane is supposed to permanently remove the oil problem, thereby reducing acne flareups. I'm taking the generic form called Sotret, as the brand Accutane got pulled from the market back in June.

Since I can't take pills with my band, I'm cutting the gel-coated capsule and squeezing the thick liquid into 4oz of applesauce. It's orange and doesn't mix well, but the pill itself is probably too large to swallow whole, a little narrower than 1cm and a more than 1cm long.

Tomorrow I get my first fill under the fluoroscope. I'll ask my doc then about how big a pill I should be able to take. 

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