Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New jeans

I've been needing new jeans desperately. My size 26 Avenue denim lite stretch bootcuts have been falling off of me.

Last week, I tried a 24 at Lane Giant. No go - not very stretchy and very thick denim - besides, they didn't fit. Too small.

A few days ago, while at home, my mom and I went to Avenue. Well, I went to Avenue and dragged my mom along. I tried 24s.. they fit! Then the salesgirl said that these are very stretchy and if I could, try a 22. Shah, riiight!

They FIT! Well, blow me down! I could not believe it! They fit in the waist (even had a little room!) and were about as stretchy as the other ones I had been wearing. They were much more fitted than I am used to.. but that reminds me of something I discuss in therapy as it relates to my band (and now my clothing): Sometimes, what feels too tight is actually just right.

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