Thursday, January 21, 2010


Grades are officially out and I'm OFFICIALLY a law school graduate!

I'm knee-deep in bar exam prep now. Only a few weeks before the bar! Yeesh.

Saw the Doc today.. he wanted to take out 0.1cc and I wanted to add 0.1cc. We talked about my eating habits - I was concerned that I'm taking too long to eat, and therefore can eat more. I noticed yesterday that I finished an entire salad from the salad joint (big, huge thing) - but it took an hour. I asked him how much time to put on a stopwatch.

He said his concern was more that I was trying to choose foods I knew would go down easily rather than choosing denser, protein-rich foods first (like eating the chicken out of my salad first) and then I'd be fuller faster. He also wasn't concerned that I ate an entire salad (veg is good!) but if I was taking an hour to eat, say, mashed potatoes, however, he'd be more concerned.

According to his scale, I weighed 319. I know I'm 315 at home. Nonetheless, I was 326 the last time I saw him.

I let him take out 0.1cc and I see him again in a month. We'll see.

I'm also going to start playing with my Wii Fit again.. I promise. I PROMISE!

They have a new nutritionist at the clinic, though.. I made an appointment to see her tomorrow. I'm going to be honest and tell her what I eat and get some pointers.

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