Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to work

and boy am I exhausted. I wasn't prepared for the back pain and the stomach pain from sitting in my office chair all day. I tried to walk around as much as I could, but I was busy. I had to fight a lot of questions about my "vacation" and a lot of "I did more work last week 'cause you weren't here"-type bitching and whining. Wahh, wahh.

Made my first smoothie yesterday. Ehh, the smoothie place sure does it better. My recipe needs tweaking. I could barely drink it, so into ice cube trays it went. Six cubes with a splash of milk made my breakfast - which I sipped until nearly 3pm. Later I had some soup that I had leftover from the diner. I got a big quart of cream of chicken from the diner on the corner last night. It is sooo good. Way better than canned.

I tried to get some broccoli cheese from Chili's yesterday but -gasp!- they don't make it anymore. What! That was such delicious soup. No Macaroni Grill around here either - they have very yummy soup. Oh well.

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