Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection, indeed.

It's Easter Sunday. Where are my chocolate bunnies?!

Seriously, I'm actually feeling hunger today. I've been thinking about food non-stop, I've been walking better and faster, and the pain meds are really only taken at night to help me sleep. I may even skip them altogether tonight.

I just want a _________. Fill in the blank. Whatever food item in there. I'd even eat a mushroom at this point, something I'm only recently starting to enjoy.

I'm dreaming of mushies. Yummm, farina. Yummm, mashed potatoes with gravy. Beyond mushies, I was watching some terrible movie on Netflix instant and this guy was eating the most amazing, perfectly-cooked steak I'd ever seen [obviously not true, but to my hungry eyes it was]. I started salivating. Salivating!! Jeebus.

Given the fact that I've probably consumed about 200 calories a day for the past few days, and I'm healing, it's probably normal to feel hungry four days post-op. I did consume about 75% of an 11oz protein shake today. It took two separate meals, but I did it!

Tomorrow I'm calling the doc to see if it's okay to add some thinned farina to my regime. My drinking has improved vastly over the past few days. Less gurgles, and what does gurgle, I deal with. Burps are still painful, as is crying (watched To Kill A Mockingbird last night) and coughing (walking and reading out loud at the same time produced that).

I've been thinking, since today is Easter, that this surgery is sort of like my chance at resurrection. Death to an old life, birth to a new one. A healthier one. It also is not lost on me that my surgery date is exactly six months prior to my 30th birthday. I didn't plan it that way. It's a coincidence. But an interesting one. Half a year away from a new decade in my life. The end of my twenties. Look at how much time I wasted. Look at how much life I've wasted.

Just some clear liquid food for thought.

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